Leigh-Ann Campion with her new PB, a spawned out Common of 22-08

It is not all about Cherry Lake!

The other lakes have also been pleasing their guests with several new PB's!
Tuesday 16 July 2019

With Cherry Lake fishing so well, coupled with my recent 'patchy' presence at Cherry Lakes, I am struggling to keep up with the other lakes. So I will concentrate this update solely on them

Over the last few weeks the Carp have been finishing spawning and as a result I would say the fishing has generally not been as prolific as normal as far as the Carp are concerned. They have still been catchable along with other species.

As I seem to have the best photos from Cherry Springs, I will start here. The Crucian Carp are starting to put in a more regular appearance to the anglers who float fish close to the reeds. Similar to the Cherry Springs Crucian's, these lovely little fish are principally being caught around the 2lb mark. Not surprising given they were stocked at the same time!

There have been a series of PB's caught from Pochard Lodge including by Peter Knowles, pictured in the photo below with an attractive 25-08 Mirror.

Marc and Leigh-Ann Campion who are amongst our favourite regular guests, recently stayed in Pochard Lodge. For some reason the Carp did not play ball for a couple of days which is unusual for Cherry Mere. Fortunately it did pick up and they finished with a dozen carp including a new PB for Leigh-Ann, a spawned out Common of 22-08 pictured in the lead photo above. Marc's best was also a Common of 20-08.

Peter Knowles 25-04 Mirror from Pochard Lodge
Peter Knowles with his PB, an attractive Cherry Springs Mirror of 25-04

Cherry Pool has continued to produce good catches of Carp and Bream to anglers topped up by Tench, Roach and Crucian Carp by those anglers also choosing to float fish. Several anglers have also reported landing Carp to 15lb on float tackle. These unexpected Carp giving the anglers the real run around on light tackle! As usual, I don't have any new photos to show.

Cherry Springs has been producing Carp on a regular but not frantic basis. From memory a 28lb Carp is the biggest reported recently. Following on from my recent story of Kevin Lane's good catches on sweetcorn fished on float tackle close in (Roach to 1-12, Crucian's to 2-08 and Tench to 2-08), several more recent anglers have turned up with a float rod as well as their Carp gear. David White, celebrated his birthday last week with a 3-08 Tench, caught on float tackle close in on the right. As I have talked so much about Crucian Carp in this update, I thought I would re-run Kevin Lane's recent photo .

Kevin Lane 2-04 Crucian Carp from Cherry Springs
Kevin Lane with a 2-04 Crucian Carp from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs
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