‘It’s a bit slow in here mate’. 26 Carp landed from Cherry Mere in a weekend!

Monday 8 June 2015

James Donaldson and Gavin Wilks stayed in Pochard Lodge this weekend with their partners and I did not get a chance to say hello to them until Saturday morning. My greeting of ‘morning guys how’s it going?’ was met by a comment from James of

‘it’s a bit slow in here mate’. ‘

Really I replied, no Carp yet?’.

‘We have had  six Carp to 22-08 (pictured below)  in the first 12 hours of fishing’!

No sooner had he said that when his rod rattled off for number 7. Indeed the action then barely stopped for James and Gavin who finished their weekend with some 26 Carp, all doubles, including 5 different 20′s. Slow indeed!

The guys baited heavily using a combination of boilies and spod mix.

A combination of two good anglers being in the right place at the right time. The Carp having spawned some 10 days ago in Cherry Mere were obviously ‘up for it’. Whilst some of the Carp showed some of the normal marks of spawning, I was very pleased to see how fast some of the Carp are growing. The average gain being some 5lb over the year. The cracking 22-00 Mirror held by Gavin below for example is up nearly 9lb since stocking into the lake in March 2014.

We will continue to feed the Carp in this lake throughout the summer to help continue the growth rate as well as promoting a fast recovery from the rigours of spawning. Next year I expect to have at least 40 20lb carp in Cherry Mere along with 2-3 over the 30lb mark.

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