James Carter 32-06 R

James Carter catches a new 32-06 from Grebe Lodge

Andrew Flannery lands 12 Cherry Springs Carp including 2 over 30lb+
Tuesday 21 March 2023

James Hine is another one of our fishery friends and regular guests who normally visits two or three times a year. Whenever he books a Lodge, he nearly always brings one of his fishing buddies. This time it was the turn of James Carter.

Unfortunately for Janes Hine, he had the right hand side of the Lodge's water whilst James Carter had the left, which included the deep car park margins. Unfortunate in that the three Carp caught from Grebe Lodge this weekend all came from the left hand side meaning Mr Hine disappointingly had a blank!

James Carter landed three cracking Carp. The first one, some 24 hours into their trip, being a lovely 'Italian shaped' Mirror of 29-08, pictured below. This is not a Carp I remember stocking, and I think it is a 'home-grown' fish from our very first attempts at harvesting the Carp's eggs (after spawning) some 9 years ago. We subsequently stocked them into Cherry Lake at a size where some, like this fish, could survive. I fully expect this attractive young Carp to join our list of 30's very soon.

James Carter with an 'Italian shaped' Mirror of 29-07 from the deep car park margins
James Carter with an 'Italian shaped' Mirror of 29-07 from the deep car park margins

James Carter's second Carp was a new thirty for us and is a Carp which makes you say 'wow'! As soon as James Hine sent me through an image, I suspected it was a new 30lb+ Carp for us. It was only when they could download their camera shots properly and send them over, was it possible for Dave and I able to trawl through the last two years 30's catalogue to make sure it was a new one. And it was much to our delight!

This Carp is our third 'new' 30lb+ Carp of the year out of a total of 15 different 30lb+ fish in this year's catalogue.

Interestingly this Carp is very different on it's two sides. The 'best side' from my perspective can be seen in the lead photo above. The other side is pictured below. This is not particularly unusual, but for this particular fish the difference between both sides is quite marked.

In the early hours of Monday morning James completed his 'hat-trick' when he landed a 25lb+ Common. Well done James on a good return visit.

James Carter with his 'new thirty' at 32-06
James Carter with his 'new thirty' at 32-06

Andrew Flannery returned to Chery Lakes this weekend for his third visit and chose Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. He had a good visit, catching quickly from the off to record an impressive 12 Carp over the weekend including two thirties to 32lb. Unfortunately I was not around much over the weekend and Andrew's self-confessed self take photography 'is not the best'. However this shot, of what I think is a 24-08 fully scaled Carp, is a good one. Well done Andrew on a good return visit.

Andrew Flannery with a 24-09 Cherry Springs beauty!
Andrew Flannery with a 24-09 Cherry Springs beauty!
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