Jimmy lands a stunning 27-08 Mirror from Heron Lodge

Friday 16 October 2015

Jimmy Manning was delighted with the start to his stay in Heron Lodge landing a 22-08 and this fabulous 27-08 Mirror below in the first 24 hours of his stay. Both came on small white pop-ups fished over small beds of bait.

Rather stupidly I opened my big mouth saying something like ‘if you don’t catch anything else this trip, then this Carp makes it all worthwhile’!!  Well almost literally as I said this the wind swung around to the east, the skies cleared, the temperature plummeted and the pressure built. The change of conditions has certainly turned the Cherry Lake Carp off for a few days. Since then Jimmy has struggled along with the angler in Osprey Lodge (who unfortunately lost two including a real whacker virtually at the net).

Despite the very difficult conditions the guests in Pochard Lodge (7 doubles to 17-08) and Egret Lodge (shed loads of quality Roach and Perch to match tactics and 7 Carp) were very happy with their fishing. I even managed to catch a few Carp from an empty Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs on several lazy afternoons.

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