Joe Baker 30-08

Joe Baker lands a new Cherry Lake 30lb+ Common

The 100th member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club lands the second new thirty of the year.
Wednesday 17 April 2019

As mentioned yesterday I needed to split the updates from my holiday into two, partially because I was jet-lagged, but also because I wanted to check on the Carp below. Hard on the heels of Ken O' Connor's 31lb Ghost Mirror (see yesterday's news update) is the news about a new Cherry Lake 30lb+ Common.

Joe Baker has become one of our very welcome regular guests and has recently finished his fourth visit to Cherry Lakes and the first of 2019. Joe hold the distinction of being the 100th angler to catch a 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Lake when he caught 'The Pretty One' at 35-04 last summer. (Pictured below).

Joe Baker 35-04
Joe Baker became the 100th member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club when he caught 'The Pretty One' at 35-04

Joe's most recent visit over the first weekend of April to stay in Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake, coincided with several heavy frosts which made the fishing very difficult. He only managed one Carp during this stay.....and what a cracker. Fishery manager Dave told me over the phone about Joe's lovely 30-08 Common which was immaculate (pictured above and below)and said he thought it was a new 30+. Having checked through the photos of the 27 different Carp caught from Cherry Lake in 2018, I can confirm that Dave was right, and Joe's Common is the second new thirty caught this year. Well done and thanks Joe!

It is interesting that two of the six different 30's+ caught this year are new thirties. With several Carp still 'missing' from our 2017 log of 30+ Carp, we can now definitively say that there is over 30 x 30lb+ Carp in Cherry Lake. A fact which we are very proud of.

With the weather warming as I write, I think it can only be a matter of days until we see the catch rate on Cherry Lake significantly picks up, we expect to see a lot of 30lb+ carp caught over the next month or so. And I cannot wait to see the first 40lb+ of the year.

If you fancy a crack at the Cherry Lake Carp over the next 6 weeks when they are at their heaviest (until the back end of the autumn) then please give us a call on 01285 869887. The following Lodges are currently remaining and are still available

22-26 April. Grebe Lodge

26-29 April. Osprey Lodge

29-03 May. Cherry Lake Cottage

06-10 May. Cherry Lake Cottage

17-20 May. Heron Lodge

20-24 May. Heron Lodge.

Joe Baker with an immaculate 30-08 Cherry Lake Common
Joe Baker with an immaculate 30-08 Cherry Lake Common
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