John Moll lands the biggest Carp this week. A 30lb Common from Cherry Pool

Our beautiful Granddaughter shows her true colours!
Friday 28 July 2023

The fishery enjoyed a mid-season break with last weekend off when we were closed.

We also had the pleasure of our Granddaughter staying with us along with her Mum and Dad. A lot of our regular guests have asked about our new Granddaughter and know how much we are bowled over by her. As a one off special Mum Victoria has allowed us to indulge ourselves with a photo of our angel.

As you can see from the photo above, she is a beautiful and delightful baby (I am not biased!), she is already a good 'double' and is already wearing the right colours! The next time you will see her is when she catches her first Carp, which if I get my way, won't be too long!

Jon Moll 30lb
John Moll with the biggest Carp of the week. A 30lb Common from Cherry Pool

Cherry Pool is a lake very much in transition. As regular followers know, we have actively removed the vast majority of the Bream and many of the old stunted Carp, replacing them with both younger fish and bigger ones. The lake is now performing much more like a regular Carp lake. Notably if the Carp are not feeding then the indicators are not moving and alarms silent. In the past this was not the case, as the Bream would feed when the Carp did not.

There are still plenty of other fish in the lake. The Tench, Crucian's and Roach should all do better with the removal of the big Bream. We will continue to remove any remaining Bream, as well as the younger smaller Bream as they mature. So please remember your float rods if you are booked onto the Pool (indeed also for our other lakes) if you like some action whilst waiting for a run.

Jon and Jack Moll visited Cherry Lakes for the first time this week staying in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool. They had a good first visit landing 12 Carp between them. Dad Jon led the way with a Common of 30lb, pictured above. Indeed this was the biggest Carp caught across our four lakes this week. This was one of the 30's stocked last winter. Son Jack, also landed a Common of 21lb, pictured below.

Jack Moll 21 Common
Jack Moll with a 21lb Common from Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool

Joe and Katie Titchner also made their first visit to Cherry Lakes. They booked into Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs.

Joe kindly sent me a detailed email which to save me putting my normal 'spin on', I have repeated below.........

''I can honestly say I have really enjoyed the fishing for my 4 night stay. 31 fish in total caught ranging from,
9 Carp between 8 to 10lb
20 Carp from 14.8 to 19lb apart from 1 fish all over 15lb
1 x 22lb Common
1 x 25.8 Mirror.
These fish fight like hell, my arms are killing me as I am looking forward to a much needed break at home.
As for the quality of the fish, two words can only explain it ( mind blowing ).
My wife has enjoyed herself with comforts you have provided in the lodge, it makes it all worth wile travelling from a far. I can’t finish without saying a massive thank you to Dave the bailiff, this man’s knowledge is testament to the venue.
Mike, Judith we will be seeing you next year and for many years to come.
Thank you''

......and thank you Joe for your comments and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Joe Titchner
Joe Titchner with one of the 31 Carp h caught this week from Cherry Springs

In contrast to the smaller lakes, Cherry Lake was most definitely off form this week, with just two Carp landed. This included a 25lb Common to Louis Higginson who was on a return visit. Given he 'earnt' his 35+ hoody last year, it was almost as if the lake had decided to have a bit of 'pay-back' this time!

The Carp did have some feeding spells and it seems that they were probably focussed on naturals (and/or washed out baits?). The heavy rain and rising water levels (driven by the nearby River Churn) which has kept water temperatures seasonally low, has also not helped. Fingers crossed for an improvement this weekend!

Louis Higginson with a 25lb Common from Grebe Lodge
Louis Higginson with a 25lb Common from Grebe Lodge
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