Jonny Scarce smashes his PB three times!

Friday 21 July 2017

Jonny Scarce has been staying in Heron Lodge with his partner Sammie Nichols this week. It is their first visit to Cherry Lakes.

Since Monday we have had 7 Carp landed by the anglers on Cherry Lake, and for some reason a similar number lost, this week……and Jonny has landed 5 of them!

Jonny used his Baitboat to good effect to get a really good understanding of the features in his swim. Interestingly he chose to fish on the slope of the far high bar in about 5 feet of water. An area which I imagine is often overlooked by anglers who perhaps target the more obvious features. His successful tactics was to fish the CC Moore Live system boilies over pellet. He used bottom baits in preference to wafters or pop-ups.

Over the course of his 4 night stay he landed 4 twenties of 26-04, 26-00, 24-04 and 22-02 and an even bigger Common. In doing so he smashed his previous PB three times. We do not know the weight of his biggest Common because he had forgotten his scales (which was remedied when I found out)!! He did say it was significantly bigger than the 26lb Common which he had caught earlier. Since he has left the fishery I have come to believe that this male Carp is the same one as caught by Paul Sillence in May at 30-12. Given this is a night photograph I cannot be absolutely sure this is the same fish, but I am confident it is. I also suspect Jonny should now be the newest member of the 30+ club, but as it was not weighed we cannot be sure. If I was Jonny I would probably regard my new PB as being a 29-15 Common!

Jonny’s partner Sammie also proved to be a real star this week. Not only did she take some great photos and kept sending them to me; she very cleverly (as far as I am concerned) managed to put some of Jonny’s carp into the collage below. This is a first for the Cherry Lakes news page. Sammie thank you for this. Well done to Jonny too!

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