Karper Vlog @ Cherry Lakes

See Karper's Chris Madden's video of his stay at Cherry Lake
Thursday 27 December 2018

We hope you had a good Christmas. Personally I eat too much (again) and already I cannot fit into the new clothes that were bought for me for Christmas! Guess what my new year’s resolution is….(again!).

I am very pleased to attach a video blog which Chris Madden from KARPER sent to me just before Christmas. As you can see Chris stayed in the Cottage swim in September with his friend Ben. Whilst the fishing was a little tough and the lake very  atmospheric, Chris did manage to join the 30+ club with a real cracker. Their wives also enjoyed the Cottage’s hot tub.

Given that we are in the depths of winter it is really nice to see how Cherry Lakes looked in the green of summer! See for yourself by clicking on the video below.

Happy New Year.

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