Katie McDonald lands a 35lb cracker from Cherry Springs

Sarah Muirhead also smashed he PB twice on Cherry Pool
Tuesday 23 April 2024

I promised in my last post to focus on the smaller lakes and fully expected to write it within a day of my last post. However the 'time-bandit' which is our granddaughter Alba, especially given she had her 1st birthday party (already one!!) over the weekend, has meant it has taken me much longer than anticipated to produce this update.

As a result I continue to be out of touch and way behind Simon who is posting on Facebook for us!

As normal the smaller lakes have fished more productively than the larger Cherry Lake. Given stocking densities this is how it should be.

Tom and Sarah Muirhead recently had a good session in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool. By fishing tight to the margins they managed a number of nice fish including a big Mirror of 26lb (see below) and a lovely Common of 24lb (held by husband Tom above). Both of these coming to Sarah's rods and were PB's for her.

Sarah Muirhead 26lb
Sarah Muirhead with her new PB. A delightful Cherry Pool Mirror of 26lb

Cherry Pool this winter has been a very different lake to the Cherry Pool of old. Whilst it now contains a good head of bigger Carp (this winter we have introduced an additional 15 twenties and a couple of 30's), the removal of a huge stock of Bream and some of the older stunted Carp, coupled with the highest water levels we have seen on the Pool, has resulted in the lake fishing like a Carp lake should. Frequently difficult! The manic action of the past has been replaced by long periods of sitting on your hands waiting for a run. We will continue to introduce more quality Carp over the next 12 months.

Katie MacDonald. 36-00
Katie McDonald with the biggest Carp of the year so far from Cherry Springs. A very impressive Mirror of 35lb.

The biggest Carp caught recently from the exclusive lakes was the 35lb Mirror caught by Katie McDonald from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. A fish which comfortably smashed her PB. Along with husband Aaron, they had a great result which included several upper 20's, including this 28lb Mirror below.

Cherry Springs has fished well so far this Winter and Spring. The extensive tree work undertaken has very much increased the level of light and wind on the lake, all of which should help improve the environment for the Carp. The Carp we are seeing are looking good and are comfortably up in weight. Fingers crossed!

Apologies to all the anglers who I should have mentioned here, but a big well done to both Katie and Sarah for the two PB's featured here.

Aaron McDonald with a Cherry Springs Mirror of 28lb from his recent trip
Aaron McDonald with a Cherry Springs Mirror of 28lb from his recent trip.

Just to show that it is always fun here. Having thought we had got all the big maintenance jobs done, we returned to a sagging roof on Osprey Lodge. Fortunately Cherry Lakes is very lucky to have a good 'team' of skilled trades people who we can call on. Carpenter Mike had it fixed within a few days. Thanks Mike

Carpenter Mike repairing Osprey's roof
Oh dear! Osprey Lodge's roof needed an urgent repair! All fixed now.
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