Keith Follen lands 29 carp from Cherry Springs

Monday 15 August 2016

Keith Follen has just had an amazing week on Cherry Springs where he stayed with his partner Karen for a week in Kingfisher Lodge.

Over the course of the week, and without fishing 24/7, Keith landed 29 carp including a large number of doubles and three over the magic 20lb mark. As some of you know, we stocked an additional ten twenties into Cherry Springs last winter with the aim of ensuring that one in every ten Carp caught is a twenty. Keith got it just about right and proved himself to be the Kingfisher!

Keith fished a variety of marginal and open water spots, baiting reasonably heavily, to catch his Carp. All three of the twenties were Mirrors and all looked in reasonably good condition following spawning. We would expect them to now go on the feed and be several pounds heavier at least by the end of the year. Well done Keith.

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