Ken’s record brace of two 30lb+ Ghosties

Monday 11 May 2015

Ken O’Connor hit Cherry Lake absolutely right last week to set several new records. Not only did he catch 29 carp in one visit, more amazingly he caught two thirty pound plus Ghost Carp, each one in turn setting a new Cherry Lake record.

As previously posted Ken caught a 30-04 Ghost Mirror (see below) early in his visit to record Cherry Lakes first Ghost carp beyond the magic 30lb barrier. He then finished his visit with a 31-10 Ghost Common, also pictured below. I successfully anticipated in my earlier post that this Ghost Common would be over 30lb. It is nice to be right every now and again!

What a brace! To say we are delighted to see both these fish at new record weights is an understatement. We are also delighted for Ken (and Rosemary) who are regular visitors to Cherry Lakes.

I have no doubt some other anglers might have matched this feat somewhere else in the UK, but I bet there are not many. An exceptional brace by anyone’s standards and it could not have happened to a nicer guy. Absolute magic Ken!

Cherry Lake has now produced five different 30lb+ Carp and the new lake record 40-04 Common in the last two weeks.

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