Kevin Lane. 21lb Mirror

Kevin Lane lands a stunner from Cherry Springs

Despite the weather the Carp are now on the move
Monday 4 March 2024

Although the weather in terms of temperature has declined over the last week or two and the water is cold (6C as I write on Monday morning), this weekend's catch report shows the Carp are there to be caught.

There is no doubt in my mind, that unless we have some really cold weather, that Carp become increasingly active from the end of February. The longer days and greater intensity of the light gives them the 'hurry-up' that Spring and spawning is on it's way. So despite overnight frosts and freezing mist/fog, the anglers fishing this weekend all reported good Carp.

Kevin Lane. 26lb Common
Kevin Lane with the biggest of his visit to Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Mere. A 26lb Common

Long term regulars and fishery friends Kevin and Janet Lane made their first visit to Cherry Lakes and certainly enjoyed their weekend. They chose to stay in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. Kevin was pleased to catch 4 Carp including the two twenties featured here. His biggest of the trip was this 26lb Common, immediately above, which picked up his bait close to the far bank.

Whilst not the biggest, the stunning perfectly scaled 21lb Mirror pictured in the lead photo above was by far the most attractive one caught. I am delighted to say that this is another of our 'home grown' Carp. Well done Kevin. We hope to see you back soon.

Bill Osbourne 22lb Cherry Mere Common
Bill Osbourne with a 22lb Cherry Mere Common in the freezing fog.

Bill Osbourne returned at the weekend with the Jefferies family. Unfortunately I missed the best photo opportunity of the weekend when Tom Jefferies 6-month old baby daughter was 'weighed in' at 17lb (a good double that!!!). During their weekend in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere Bill and Tom shared 6 Carp, including a brace of twenties to Bill.

Bill's biggest was this 22lb Common pictured above, which as you can see was caught in the morning freezing fog. Well done both.

Andy Watts. 38-08 L
A welcome surprise! Pac-Man at 38-08

With an empty Cherry Lake, it was too good an opportunity not to get my rods out. I was delighted to renew my acquaintance with one of my favourite Cherry Lake Carp, 'Pac-Man'.

This fish was named by myself a good few years ago because of the distinctive 'Pac-man' scales on both wrists. Older followers of this Latest News blog who played one of the early computer games (normally found in pubs at the time) will recognise the 'Pac-Man' scales on both sides of it's wrist. A small pop-up fished over a sprinkling of crushed boilies along with pellet and sweetcorn did the trick.

Roll on Spring!

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