Kingfisher extension postponed. No change for 2017.

Monday 11 July 2016

As regular readers of these updates are aware, we have recently received planning permission to extend Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs and put an extra bedroom onto the Lodge. Kingfisher Lodge is our most popular Lodge. Cherry Springs is the biggest of our exclusive lakes and normally fishes well throughout the year

We have had a lot of feedback from our regular guests, some positive welcoming the extension and negative from guests who like the Lodge exactly the way she currently is.

In truth this was always a development that I wanted to do as I feel that Cherry Springs warrants a bigger Lodge. However from an economic perspective the financial case did not ever really stack up and given both Judith and Dave were  not sure they could face any more mud this winter, I have retreated!  So somewhat reluctantly I have put this project on hold and we will NOT now be extending Kingfisher Lodge this winter.

The 2017 calendar and price list has been amended to reflect the fact that Kingfisher Lodge will continue in it’s current format as a one bedroom Lodge throughout 2017.

I hope you like the small selection of photos which hopefully ‘capture’ the atmosphere of Kingfisher lodge.

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