Larry Jackson with a 31-08 Cherry Lake Common from Grebe Lodge.

Larry Jackson lands a 31-08 Common from Grebe Lodge

Thursday 18 October 2018

The star this week on Cherry Lake has been Larry Jackson who has been fishing in Grebe Lodge. Larry has worked hard on his first visit to Cherry Lakes and has manged to catch two Carp so far in generally very slow conditions.  A 21-12 Mirror followed by this 31-08 Common pictured below.

Larry caught first night close to the marginal trees and similar to the other anglers on the lake struggled to get a bite.  Last night he changed tactics. He found a small mound just short of the bank, an area which I doubt gets fished much.  Larry baited with pellets and broken Cherry Lake Dairy Cream boilies with a small Dairy Cream wafter over it. An approach which I think is spot on given the current challenging feeding conditions.

At 03.30 last night his rod roared off. The Carp fought well and was safely netted by partner Wendy. The Common Carp went 31-08 on the scales with Larry becoming the 113th member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club. Well done Larry.

I was disappointed not to see this Carp, particularly as the photos do not allow full comparison with the other 30+ Commons caught during this year. I think it is a new 30, but cannot tell so I will not add it to the count.

Unusually we have a vacancy in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere for next weekend, Friday 26-29 October. This is our biggest Lodge with two double bedrooms, whilst Cherry Mere has lots of beautiful Carp to 30lb. So if you fancy a late break, please give us a call on 01285 869887

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