Lee rowe. 36-10 R 2

Lee Waring's fantastic weekend

He lands a 42-08 Mirror along with 4 other 30's
Friday 19 May 2023

Whilst the headline us about Lee Waring's amazing weekend, I thought I would start with Lee Rowe's capture of the impressive 36-10 Mirror pictured above. Lee did well to catch three Carp on what was generally a slowish few days across the fishery.

The interesting thing about this Carp, is that Lee caught the same fish in October 2020 at 28lb. I am not sure what the odds are of catching the same fish are, but it is remarkable nevertheless! A growth rate of 8lb over this period (albeit probably with a few pounds of spawn), seems a good steady growth rate.

I am not sure why, but the week of Monday 12 to Friday 16th June is empty across the fishery (except for Grebe Lodge). So if you fancy a visit at this time, we have some good deals on offer Please contact me on info@cherrylakes.co.uk or 01285 869887 if you are interested..

Lee Rowe. 42-08 R
Lee Waring with the 6th Cherry Lake forty of the year. A Mirror of 42-08 from Grebe Lodge

Lee Waring had a fabulous first visit to Cherry Lake last weekend and had a result which made the lake look easy. Fishing mainly to the far bank and fully utilising a bait boat, Lee caught 11 Carp, including four thirties ( 37lb Ghost Common, 35-05 Mirror, 33 and 31lb Commons) and our 6th different forty of the year. Wow! Needless to say Lee smashed his PB several times during his eventful weekend.

Lee Rowe. 37 L
Lee Waring with a 37lb Ghost Common. the biggest of his 4 x 30's+

With 'the efforts of both 'The Lee's', our running total for the year is now 40 different Carp over 30lb from Cherry Lake. This includes 6 different carp over 40lb+. Interestingly, most of the really big Carp have yet to put in an appearance. Only 'The Scuff' at 45-06 has been caught this year.

We are still waiting to see 6 of the 40lb+ carp which were caught and recorded last year. The one's we are really looking forward to seeing are ......'Dick' (last out at 50-02). 'Ruby (last out at 47-04) and 'The Patch' (normally the biggest Common which goes 45lb+). The 'Pretty One' is also proving very hard to get and has not been out for 18 months. When she does she will be a stunning new 40+.

With the Carp approaching their heaviest weights of the year, we are hoping for some pleasant surprises over the next few weeks!

Well done to both the Lee's.

355-05 L
Lee Waring with a 35-05 Mirror from Osprey Lodge
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