Leigh-Anne Campion sets her new PB on Cherry Mere.

Friday 14 October 2016

Marc and Leigh-Anne Campion have just had a very enjoyable week in Pochard Lodge  on Cherry Mere and were very reluctant to leave this morning. Marc  targeted the larger Carp and in the on-going difficult conditions, he was content with his eight bigger carp including a night caught 20-04 Mirror and a couple of stunning upper doubles pictured below..

Leigh-Anne was arguably this week’s star as she sensibly fished using a lighter rod and method style targeting the lakes smaller home grown carp. Amazingly she managed around 70 of these over the week, with a good number now around 4-5lb. She also managed to catch one of the larger ones, a cracking 16-02 Mirror pictured below. As you would expect this fish gave her a good run around and ‘took out’ all three of Marc’s rods! She was delighted to break her PB when she eventually landed this fish. Well done to you both and see you next year.

The smaller lakes, Cherry Springs and Cherry Pool also produced a steady number of fish to the anglers on these lakes. They were by no means prolific in their catch but they did catch steadily. I think the sheer stock of fish in the smaller lakes is enough to overcome the conditions when the Carp are not really feeding.

The same cannot be said of Cherry Lake. Cherry Lake is managed to have a much lower density of Carp to help ensure they have the space to grow and attain much bigger weights. Hence when the conditions are tough, and they have continued to be this week,  with the high pressure, easterly winds and night frosts, it is much harder to catch the one or two fish that are still feeding. It has been a tough week even for some of the good anglers which have been on this week and who were unlucky to book their trip in such horrible conditions.

The weather is now on the turn. The air pressure has dropped by 20mb overnight and southerly winds and rain are forecast for the weekend. I am hopeful, particularly if the winds are strong, that this will kick them back into feeding mode an a few Carp will be seen on the bank. We have had two lost fish since mid-night last night which hopefully suggests the Carp are going to play ball this weekend. I wont name the two anglers concerned, but as you can imagine having sat there all week, to mess up their chance they were gutted as well as philosophical!

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