Liverpool Football star lands new PB from Cherry Lake

Sunday 14 June 2015

Cameron Brannagan, who is a budding  Liverpool Football club star, has landed three Carp this weekend from Cherry Lake including personal best Common and Ghost Carp. Cameron who has been on the bench for his first team debut six times this year, will hopefully break into the first team next season.

19 year old Cameron has been on his second trip to Cherry Lakes and has done well to catch this weekend with the fish generally resting up after the rigours of spawning. Cameron baited heavily with Spod Mix and landed his fish on the new Cherry Lakes ‘Fruit and Nut’ boilies. We look forward to welcoming Cameron back when he is a first team star. We may even have to see if we have any ‘red carpet’ in case we have to roll it out for him next time! Well done Cameron.

Ian Jacobs on Cherry Mere, who was visiting from Singapore with his family,  enjoyed his holiday break on Cherry Mere landing several twenties to 21-08. He did say that Singapore is a lot warmer than Cherry Lakes!

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