Louis Charlesworth’s Cottage beauty

Friday 19 August 2016

Regular followers of this site might remember the photograph of Chris Eldon sitting on the deck of Osprey Lodge with his partner and son. Chris is a Nash consultant and has written about his stay with us ‘Cherry Lake Champion’. If you are interested in reading about his account of his successful stay with us, then please click on the following link


The hot weather of the last week or so has been a mixed blessing. Generally the non-fishing guests have loved it, whilst the anglers have generally struggled. In my experience August is generally the most difficult of the April to October period. I am pleased to say that the weather broke last night and 4 Carp were immediately caught by anglers who had otherwise struggled all week.

Louis Charlesworth and his family stayed in the Cherry Lake Cottage and had a very enjoyable time. He landed the largest Carp of the week, this lovely Common below of 24lb. A further 6 Carp were caught by the other guests this week from Cherry Lake.

Now for a rant! A 22lb Carp was caught earlier today and I rushed around to see the photos. I was appalled to see that the Carp was being held over above the astro turf and not above the cradle. Worse this beautiful fish appeared to be bleeding from the gills suggesting that it had been dropped. Needless to say I was very unhappy. I will write separately about this soon as this is not the only example of reckless fish handling. The next person we find doing this will be told to stop fishing as we clearly cannot trust them to handle the Carp properly and treat them with the respect they deserve. Rant over for now!

Cherry Mere has been fishing well for the last several weeks. This week Jason Martin enjoyed his first visit to Cherry Lakes and landed 14 doubles to 21lb from Pochard Lodge. Fishery manager Dave was around when he landed this very pretty Mirror of 15lb below. 

Last weekend Ian Legg also stayed in Pochard Lodge, landing (from memory) ten Carp to 21lb including this Ghost Common of 15lb. This fish definitely is worth catching.

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