Malcom Williams sets two new PB’s from Cherry Pool.

Monday 6 November 2017

For a change, not least because I have two photos to use, It is nice to be able to focus on Cherry Pool in this update.

Cherry Pool is a fabulous winter water and really comes into its own during the colder months. This is partially due to the fact that Cherry Pool is by far the deepest of our four lakes. It is shaped like a steep sided ‘soup bowl’ and goes down to around 17 feet. It also fishes well throughout the year due to the sheer number of fish in the lake. Not only has the ‘Pool’ got a large number of Carp and Bream, it also has considerable numbers of Perch and Roach which will feed even when the Carp and Bream don’t!

Malcolm Williams and his wife Sylvia, who are regulars at Cherry lakes, have just left having had a very enjoyable and productive stay in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool.

Malcolm caught Bream and  a lot of Carp including some very impressive specimens including Carp of of 22lb and 19lb pictured below. Boilies fished to the sides and far margins were all that was needed to get the fish ‘hooked’. Malcolm was delighted because the 22lb Common is a new PB. The Ghost Carp was also a PB Ghostie. The Ghostie was a long lean fish which clearly needs to eat even more boilies!  Not a bad weekend indeed for Malcolm.. He is now chomping at the bit to return next year.

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