Marc Campion joins the 30+ club with a 30-01 Ghost Mirror.

Saturday 4 November 2017

Regular followers of this news section know that I love Ghost Carp. Marc Campion has just caught the third different Ghost Mirror over 30lb this year  from Cherry Lake and because I am so excited about it,……… I thought I would do an update straight away!

Marc has been staying this weekend in Grebe Lodge with his wife Leigh-Ann. So far he has managed three Carp to his small precisely positioned wafters. Two of his Carp to date have come from the deep channel close in, with the third, the Ghost Mirror coming from close to the reed bed. Fishery manager Dave Bowen was on hand to weigh and photograph this beauty at 30-01. Dave said the Carp was in great condition which I think comes across in the photos below.

Marc and Leigh-Ann have been regular guests over the last few years and it is the first time Marc has broken the 30lb mark at Cherry Lakes. The Ghost Mirror which is a PB, represents in my opinion the best possible way to join the 30+ club! Well done Marc.

The Cherry Lake Carp have been doing very well this year and have been putting on good weight gains. As well as anglers baits we feed regularly a combination of boilies , pellets and spod mix. They clearly like it. This Ghost Mirror was not only the third different Ghost Mirror to reach the magic 30lb+ mark, she was also the 17th different properly photographed and weighed Carp over 30lb in 2017.

I might be getting greedy, but I am still hopeful that we will record 20 Carp beyond this weight (30lb+) in 2017, We are still waiting to see several fish which we know will be over 30lb, let alone any other fish, like this Ghostie, coming through the ranks to breach the 30lb mark. Fingers crossed!

We have lots of vacancies in the second half of November and December, so if you fancy your own crack at joining the 30+ club and helping us to get to the ’20 over 30′ mark please call us on 01285 869887

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