Marc Lloyd 32-12 Common

Marc Lloyd’s holiday delight. Two PB thirties!

Sunday 20 May 2018

A short term radio silence from me as I took the opportunity to slip off for a week last week. As always my timing is rubbish as I missed some fabulous catches across Cherry Lakes.

Martin Eagle in Pochard Lodge had over 20 Carp to early twenties. We also had reports of a 4-04 Crucian from Cherry Pool (sorry no photo yet). However pride of place goes to Richard Harrison and John Foy (see next story) in Grebe and Marc Lloyd in Cherry Lake Cottage.

Marc Lloyd was on his first visit to Cherry Lakes with his partner Emma and baby Poppy and were staying in Cherry Lake Cottage. Marc started slowly and finished slowly, but boy the 3 middle days of his week long holiday were worthwhile. In total he landed 8 Carp including ‘The Pretty One’ at 33-00 and a Common of 32-12, along with a near Leather of 28-00 all pictured below.

He broke his PB with both of these thirties. I must say catching a brace comprising of a 30+ Mirror and Common is not a bad way of doing so. He nearly matched Paul Silence’s result of last year when he had three thirties, but the 28lb Leather was a near miss! In doing so Marc joins the Cherry Lake 30+ club and automatically enters our free holiday prize draw.

Marc fished several different margins and largely caught on a pop-up over the Cherry Lake spod mix. Marc reported the Carp were all in great condition which I think you can see from the photos.

With Emma enjoying the hot tub and Marc doing so well they have promised to return and it will be a pleasure to see them all again.

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