Mark Miller. 31-10 R

Mark Miller lands a 41-03 Mirror from Heron Lodge

Glen Grint lands 6 twenties to 26lb from Cherry Springs
Saturday 12 August 2023

I featured Mark Miller in my last update following his capture last weekend of a 35-08 Common, and wondered allowed what more he might have during the rest of his one week stay? As you can see from both the picture above and below, Mark went on to have two more biggies!

This week on Cherry Lake was a challenge for all of our anglers. It was not easy and anglers had to both be patient and work at it. I am pleased to say that every Lodge and the Cottage all reported catching, but no one had more than 3 Carp.

Mark had, I think, 3 more including the 31-10 Mirror pictured above. A further new entry into our 2023 30+ catalogue. He then went one better landing this 41-03 Mirror. Our first 40lb+ Carp since spawning in June. Both of these big Carp came to baits presented around half-way out.

Although the smaller exclusive lakes are all sold out over the next month or so, we still have vacancies for Cherry Lake throughout September and October, both during the week and for weekends.

Mark Miller. 41-03 L
Mark Miller with a 41-03 Mirror from Heron Lodge.

Gavin Price returned this week after an absence of 6 years and stayed in Cherry Lake Cottage with his family. As I understand it, he now lives in India, and can only fish in England occasionally. He was glad he made the effort, as he landed this 35-10 heavily scaled Mirror from the Cottage swim.

This Carp was last caught by Oliver Wells in March at 35-08. This suggests to me that this Carp has recovered from spawning and should be comfortably bigger if caught again next Spring. I believe Gavin, spread boilies around the swim and then fished a small stringer in his target location.

Gavin Price. 35-10 L
Gavin Price with a 35-10 heavily scaled Mirror from the Cottage swim

Cherry Springs and Cherry Mere also fished well this week. Peter Callow and Nick Astles returned to Cherry Mere and both reported lots of fish as well as both catching 20lb+ specimens. They also helpfully brought their float rods and caught some of the smaller Carp which we are trying to remove. Guests on all of our lakes are always welcome to bring float rods and help us out with lake stock management!

Glenn Grint also returned to Cherry Lakes, staying in his favourite Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. He landed a dozen Carp, which was split evenly between doubles and twenties, the biggest of which is the 26-08 Common pictured below. I am pleased to say that he has booked again for next year!

Well done to all the anglers mentioned above..

Glenn Grint with a 26-08 Common from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs
Glenn Grint with a 26-08 Common from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs
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