Peter Jones. 38-08 L

Matt Jones lands our 8th different 40lb+ of the year

Peter Jones lands 4 thirties during his annual holiday at Cherry Lakes
Monday 17 June 2024

Peter Jones, manager of the leading tackle shop, 'The Tackle Box', returned to Cherry Lakes with his wife Angela for their annual holiday with us. Peter had an excellent trip landing some 28 Carp including 4 thirties. Peter comments every year that the successful spots and tactics change, and each year he has to work hard to work out what and where works, and he normally does so. This year was clearly no exception.

Peter did catch more than his fair share of our smaller home-grown Carp, all of which Peter was highly complimentary about. His three biggest Carp were all Commons. The 38-08 Common pictured in the lead phot above was the biggest. he had a 37lb Common (see my last Latest news Post) and this 34-08 beauty below. See you next year Peter.

Peter Jones with his third 30+ Common. This one weighed 34-08
Peter Jones with his third 30+ Common. This one weighed 34-08

Unfortunately I missed Matt Jones (no relation to Peter!) when he visited Cherry Lake Cottage. I know they had a few but I don't have the details, other than for this 40-08 Mirror Carp caught on the Friday night by Matt. This particular specimen tends only to get caught once a year. When I was originally sent this photo by fishery manager Simon, I will admit to being sceptical as to the reported size......

Matt Jones. 40-08 Cottage swim
Matt Jones with his 40-08 Mirror from the Cherry Lake Cottage swim

So unusually I have included the photo of Roger Sparks who caught the same fish at pretty much the same time of year in 2023. As you can see from the distinctive scale pattern on the wrist of the fish, that these two photos were of the same fish a year apart! It never ceases to amaze me about how much a Carp appears to weigh is so completely driven by how they are held and presented to the camera!

We have now had 8 different Carp over 40lb caught in 2024. There are plenty more to be caught if we are to reach last years properly weighed and photographed total of 15.

Roger Sparks. 41-10 R
Roger Sparks with the same fish at 41-10 caught at the end of May 23

Nick Christie stayed in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool with his wife Nicola, and thoroughly enjoyed himself (see you in September Nick). The biggest Carp of his stay was this impressive heavily scaled Mirror of 23-04. He also had a Common of 23lb. It was interesting to hear Nick comment that the Carp seemed to feed in distinct spells and at different depths. Finding the right depth was the key to having a busy day.

Nick Christie with a 23-04 heavily scaled Mirror from Cherry Pool
Nick Christie with a 23-04 heavily scaled Mirror from Cherry Pool
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