Matthew Wotherds has a hat full of Crucians

Monday 19 September 2016

Given that the Carp fishing this weekend reverted to being difficult across the Cherry Lake complex, I thought it would make a nice change to talk about Cherry Pool.

Matthew Wotherds stayed in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool. Whilst Matthew did put out the normal Carp rods (and caught Carp to 12lb), he also enjoys some pole fishing. He is also very good at it. Last year on his first visit he had a 2-12 Crucian Carp and Roach to nearly 1lb. On arrival he said he planned to better it this year. I think he did!

Over three days Matthew landed 7 Crucian’s, all over 1-12 including three different fish at 2-08. Talk about ‘peas in a pod’! Interestingly Mark said he caught all of these fish in depths of no more than 5 feet. Seemingly this is a depth that the Bream and bigger Carp were not present at, leaving the Crucian’s the space to feed. Matthew clearly worked this out and I think this is the most Crucian’s caught in any one trip from Cherry Pool.

On the Sunday when he went a little further out and fished in depths of around 7 feet, he had a succession of Bream between 3-4lb, and estimated he caught well over a ton of Bream in less than 5 hours. Great fishing in anyone’s book!  He missed out on the big Roach this year, but has said he will be back next year to get one of these as well as a 3lb Crucian. Well done Matthew.

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