Michael Goldrick lands two night caught twenties from Cherry Springs

Saturday 1 October 2016

Last weekend was steadily slow on Cherry Lake with all anglers reporting at least one Carp each The biggest being this stunning Mirror Carp of 27lb landed by Scott Smith fishing from Grebe Lodge.Nice one Scott!

This week though has proved to be very slow on Cherry Lake and with the exception of one good Carp lost very little action has been reported. The Carp have been seen feeding in spells but none seem to have made a mistake. We are not sure if they are feeding on naturals or anglers washed out baits. Personally I would be trying pellets as a hook bait. Whilst I appreciate it is a pain re-baiting every 3-4 hours (you could use plastic imitation ones if you don’t want to re-cast or have confidence in plastic baits), the fact is that our Carp get fed a lot of pellets and very few people use them. When it gets tough, as it often seems to get around the end of the summer, something different can often work.

Michael Goldrick also fished a moody Cherry Springs this week. He was however pleased with the two twenties pictured below. Unlike many of our guests in Kingfisher Lodge who choose not to night fish, Michael did. This was good news as they were not really feeding in the day and were clearly more active of a night. Michael had a nice brace of twenties comprising of a 21lb Mirror and a 20-02 Common and some 6 others. A combination of Cell and Cherry Lakes Special Red boilies did the trick. Well done Michael and thanks for the Facebook review.

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