Mike gets his rods out!

Thursday 3 December 2015

As indicated in my last update, with the weather being amazing for December and perfect for Carp fishing, and with no one fishing any of our four lakes this week, I got my rods out!

I spent just over 24 hours in Heron Lodge to good effect and managed to land 5 Carp including the 24-08 Common below, along with an Italian style Mirror of 23-08 and a Ghost Common of 18lb. I even had one ‘bounce off on the strike. All of these Carp came very sociably in daylight hours. With two of the Carp, including the biggest Common, coming within 5 minutes of each other, just after dawn,  at around 07.30. These particular rods had been out sine c 4pm the evening before with some much as a bleep! The successful bait was Cherry Lakes Special Red 10MM boilies.

I then moved onto Cherry Springs for a day session. The weather was windy, overcast and about 13C. The Cherry Springs Carp agreed that they should be feeding. I managed 4 Carp and to my shame dropped two! All of these came amazingly from the same spot near the far bank. Again Cherry lakes Special Red was the successful bait.

As you can see below, I had one of our newly stocked twenties, a stunning Mirror of  22lb. My new PB for Cherry Springs!  I also landed three others including the 16lb Mirror below. This particular Carp was stocked in November 2013 at 9-08, and over the last two years has put on some 6-08. Whilst this growth rate is not spectacular it is very pleasing from my perspective given how heavily stocked Cherry Springs is.

If you fancy a last minute trip please give me a call on 01285 869887 or 07545 495881





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