Mike Houghton sets season best with a 40-04 Mirror

Mike becomes the first angler to land 4 x Carp over 30lb in one visit!
Saturday 15 June 2019

Mike Houghton has just finished a dream first visit to Cherry Lake. Not only did his family enjoy staying in Cherry Lake Cottage, but he set a new record for the number of 30lb+ Carp caught in one visit by an angler. Amazingly Mike caught three thirties plus the first forty of the year in a 9 Carp catch.

Mike took full advantage of the 'monsoon-like' conditions and caught steadily throughout his seven day stay. He caught from the far, near margins as well as towards the tall tree behind Osprey Lodge. He fed a combination of Spod Mix and crushed boilies and mainly caught on wafters.

Mike became the first angler of the year to claim a Cherry Lake 40+ fleece when he landed the long Mirror at 40-04, see main picture above. This Carp is very long, very solid and clearly heavy. It did not look like it was carrying any spawn and as such I suspect it is a male fish. This Carp was caught last June at 36lb. Needless to say we are delighted to record the first forty of the year, particularly as it was not on my 'chief suspect' list for the Carp which would next break the 40lb barrier. The lake record is held by a Mirror Carp known as 'Dick' which was caught at 44lb last October.

Mike Houghton. 37-08 Ghost Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage
Mike Houghton. 37-08 Ghost Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage

As well as setting a new UK PB with the Mirror, Mike also beat his PB for a Ghost Carp when he landed the Ghost Mirror above at 37-08. This Carp was caught earlier in the year in March by Gary Owen at 35-08. It is interesting to note that this 'Ghostie' has lost a lot of her colour. A contrast to Mike's 'smaller' Ghost Mirror of 30-04 below which was striking in her colours.

Mike Houghton joined the 30+ club with this 30-04 Ghost Mirror from the Cottage swim
Mike Houghton joined the Cherry Lake 30+ club with this 30-04 Ghost Mirror. The first 30+ of his amazing visit.

Mike landed his fourth thirty of his stay on the last morning when he landed a Carp clearly carrying a lot of spawn. Without the spawn which she is obviously carrying this 31-04 Mirror would not have broken the 30lb barrier. Mike clearly made full use of the excellent fishing conditions, warmish, low pressure and plenty of rain! Well done and well deserved.

Mike Houghton with the fourth 30+ of his trip. A 31-04 Mirror
Mike Houghton with the fourth 30+ of his trip. A 31-04 Mirror
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