Mr ‘X’ has the brace of the year! A 39-04 and 36-02.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Every now and gain we have a publicity shy guest who catches a Carp which I would really like to share with you. Just recently we had one of these guests, a very good angler, who happened to have the brace of the year from Cherry Lake.

Mr ‘X’ landed two fabulous Carp amongst a catch of 6 Carp. The biggest fish, a fantastic Mirror, is the biggest Carp caught from Cherry Lake this year at 39-02. This Carp was caught by Wayne Box in early April at 36-10. She has obviously recovered well from spawning and has continued to grow. It looks like it will be a toss up between this Mirror, and the Common known as ‘The Patch’ which was last out at 38-04 to Bradley Palmer in October, as to which will be the first to break the 40lb barrier and possibly break the current Cherry Lake record of 40-04.

Mr ‘X’ was however not satisfied with catching the biggest Carp of the year. He also set a new Cherry Lake record for a Ghost Carp of 36-02. This Ghost Carp was the previous lake record holder for a ‘Ghostie’ at 34lb. She has also been doing well and putting on weight. Well done Mr ‘X’!

We have 3 different Ghost Carp over 30lb. I am not sure how many UK venues can say this…..but we at Cherry Lakes are very proud to do so.

Just in case anyone is not sure of the weights of these particular Carp. I can confirm that fishery manager Dave Bowen weighed the fish personally as well as took the photos.

As regular followers of these updates know, we have over the course of 2017, had 17 different Carp landed, weighed and photographed properly at over 30lb. Indeed during the last few weeks we have had 4 different Carp landed over 35lb.

We believe, based both on the growth rates (which are undoubtedly helped by our on-going feeding programme) that we have been seeing, that Cherry Lake currently holds in excess of 20 Carp over the magic 30lb mark. The fact there are several known ’30′s’ which are not included within the list of 17 caught in 2017 gives us real hope that we can still get to that target of 20 this year but we will need help! Unfortunately however looking at  diary, we are very quiet for the month between 24 November and 22 December. Unless I get some help and bookings pick up, we will fall short of this target.

So to encourage anglers to come to Cherry Lake during this period (24 November to 22 December which I accept can be the most difficult of the winter) and help us get to this ’20 over 30′ mark in 2017, we are cutting our prices. We are also offering late booking discounts before this date on Cherry Lake.

If you visit during this period of 24 November to 22 December  for either a Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday then the cost to hire the Lodge for up to 2 people including one angler is £295. We are also offering late booking discounts up to 24 November on Cherry Lake. If you fancy a crack at a winter 30, then please call us on 01285 869887.

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