New Cherry Lake Ghost Mirror Carp caught at 34-02

Sunday 10 September 2017

Phil Pohl is one of our regulars who loves Cherry Lake and has just been down from Blackpool on a return visit. Phil, who has suffered the odd disappointing trip, has just completed his best visit so far. His only complaint to me on leaving is that his Monday to Friday visit was not his normal one week holiday and he was leaving far too early!

Phil caught 15 Carp from Heron Lodge fishing a number of different far, mid and near margin positions. He managed this total despite losing around 5 fish. He fished principally with Cell Boilies presented ‘snowman style’. His e- mali to me confirmed his catch details which I have listed below

1 x 34-02 (Ghost) Mirror Carp

6 Carp between 25-29lb including ‘The Peach at 28-06

5 Carp between 20-25lb

3 Carp between 12-19lb.

Every year we consistently feed a combination of Boilies, Pellets and Spod Mix throughout the April to October period. This feed, which is supplemented by anglers bait and feed, ensures our fish are normally in good condition and are growing. The high average size of the Carp caught last week, where Cherry Lake produced 30 Carp, of which 21 were over 20lb, (9 over 25lb+) and two 34′s, I think shows this feed is paying off, the Carp are continuing to grow and the expense worthwhile.

Phil Pohl had some amazing Carp this week and I am just sorry I did not get to see them. Phil, who is already a member of the 30+ club (he caught the Big Common at 35lb in 2014), has just set the new lake record for a Ghost Mirror Carp at 34-02.

This female Carp was making her third visit to the bank this year having been caught last March by ‘The Squirrel’ (aka Chris Hughes) at 33-08, when she set a the previous lake record and Jason Elvin at 31-08 in July. As you can see she has clearly been feeding well and looks in great shape. I am hopeful that if she is caught next Spring then Cherry Lake might have a Ghost Mirror in excess of 35lb. What a target fish! The funny thing about this Ghostie, is that her colours change a lot throughout the year. Indeed neither Phil, or Dave from his initial viewing of the photograph, recognised her as a Ghost Carp. As the old advertising slogan says (and this is the case for her)…’the future is Orange’!

Just to show that he can catch more than one Ghostie, Phil has also landed one of our other named fish…’The Peach’ also at a record weight for her at 28-06. Now this Carp does look like a Ghostie!  What a fish and what a lucky man!

Phil also landed some other cracking Commons and Mirrors and I have just added a further two photos below. Well done Phil and I will make sure I am hear for your next visit!

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