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New Cherry Mere record set at 33-08

We are operating almost normally....with some Covid related changes
Monday 6 July 2020

We are now operating almost normally and will be very busy until at least November given that so many people, including many new guests, want to staycation at Cherry Lakes this year. It is good to be able to resume my regular updates which I know that, at least a few of you, have been missing. I thought I would start this update by briefing you all on some of these changes.

I say operating almost normally because like just about every other business Coronavirus rules and guidance means that we have made some changes and will continue to do so as the government's guidance continues to evolve. We have also been closely following the advice of various trade organisations about what to do.Some of these changes are necessary and some have been a little uncomfortable for us. I have outlined a number off these for you.

Given our enhanced cleaning regime we are now asking guests to leave 30 minutes earlier (by 09.00 for Egret and Kingfisher Lodges and 09.30 for all other Lodges and the Cottage). Guests are still welcome to arrive between 12.30-13.00 but please work with us if we over-run). Our normal bedding and towels service is suspended for obvious reasons.

Our normal check-in is also being suspended and reception closed for the foreseeable future. In addition we are in the process of moving to a paperless check-in. This will involve us e mailing guests two weeks before arrival the disclaimer and breakage deposit forms for electronic approval. Either shortly before, or just after, arrival we will be phoning the individual who made the booking to obtain the credit card details for the breakage deposit and tackle hire. Once running smoothly this will stop all the form filling which guests have previously had to endure! A change which might become permanent.

We will also be sending a Coronavirus e mail to all our guests approx 6-8 weeks before arrival (guests arriving in July and early August will receive it asap) outlining what we have been doing to make holidays here as safe as we can, and reminding guests of their own responsibility.These are all consistent with the Government's guidelines and hopefully you will see them as being reasonable.. This includes not travelling to Cherry Lakes if they or any member have been told to self-isolate or have Covid symptoms. We also require a booking party to return home immediately if any one of them develop symptoms whilst at Cherry Lakes.

We have not once, during the seven years since we first opened, had a guest be unable to leave at the end of their booked holiday due to illness. In truth I had not really thought about this risk and have not previously included it in our terms and conditions. However following clear advice, we have now had to make it clear in out terms and conditions what would happen if a guest cannot leave due to illness and needs to stay in the Lodge/Cottage. Throughout most of the year this occurrence would require us to cancel at very short notice the guests who are next due to arrive (probably the next day!) as we are unlikely to have an alternative Lodge available. This would require us to make a charge to stay on, commensurate with the cost of cancelling the subsequent holidays. I suspect making this term and condition clear will prove to be unnecessary as it is hard to imagine someone being so ill that they either cannot return home or need hospital treatment. However the last few months has taught us that our terms and conditions need to be very explicit.

We are not comfortable about making our terms and conditions ever more explicit as well as longer, but we hope you understand.

Now onto the fishing and more normal service!

Daniel Ward with the new Cherry Mere lake record. An impressive Mirror of  33-08
Daniel Ward with the new Cherry Mere lake record- an impressive Mirror of 33-08

Saturday 4th July was a good day across Cherry Lakes with two fantastic Carp being caught followed by a further 30+ on Sunday.

Daniel Ward was fishing with his good friend David Bailey in Pochard Lodge for the first time. Daniel had caught a couple including his first twenty, when he smashed his PB and set a new lake record with this impressive 33-08 Mirror. Looks like all my feeding over the last few months has paid off.

This Carp was last caught in Sept by Alan Burford at 32-04 and was one of three different Cherry Mere thirties caught in 2019. Given how many Carp there are in the relatively small Cherry Mere Lake, I am always surprised by how big some of the Carp have grown to. Well done Daniel and welcome to the 30+ club as our 170th member. 'Wear the shirt with pride'!

Paul Mitchell with. 'Ruby at 42-00. A fantastic 60th birthday present.
Paul Mitchell with. 'Ruby at 42-00. A fantastic 60th birthday present.

Regular and good friend Paul Mitchell was also back this weekend. It was also his 60th birthday on Saturday. Paul has a knack of catching big Carp and became the lake record holder when he caught 'Dick' at 44lb in September 2018. As a 'birthday present from Cherry Lake' on Saturday evening, Paul also became the first person to land two different 40's from Cherry Lake when he caught 'Ruby' at 42-02. We were all delighted for Paul when he caught this lovely Mirror, not least because he has had to cope with a tough year at home. This long Mirror was caught by myself a few weeks ago and has put on over 2lbs.

Michael Turner with his PB Common. A lovely looking Carp of 31-08
Michael Turner with his PB Common. A lovely looking Carp of 31-08

Michael Turner stayed with his wife June in Heron Lodge and also had a good weekend. He had to wait until Sunday when he became the 171st member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club when he caught this lovely Common of 31lb pictured above. This was Michael's personal best Common and he was very pleased to see it in the bottom of his net. Michael chose to fish close in during his stay and a return of 5 Carp is not to be sniffed at! His 31lb Common came from a spot on the lefty less than 10 meters out. Well done sir!

As I said above it is good to resume (almost) normal service! Speak again soon.

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