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New Cherry Springs Crucian Carp record of 3-08

Relentless heat breaks at last! We are looking forward to the rain and gales of autumn.
Tuesday 16 August 2022

I am beginning to feel a bit more relaxed. Judith says I am not as moody as I have been for a while! The reason for this is the break in the weather. The hideous heat has gone with temperatures dropping down to the more pleasant low 20'sC. So far we have only had a few hours of 'mizzle', but are hopeful of some more meaningful rain.

It would be so good to see that the lake levels have at least stopped falling. Significant rain in the autumn and during winter is probably what is required to recharge ground and lake water levels.

My last update did cause some concern about conditions here amongst guests who are coming over the next few weeks. If my anxiety caused you anxiety then I apologise. All I was doing was expressing my concerns as well as commitment to doing whatever we need to to keep our fish stocks healthy. Just to be clear, unless there is a totally unforeseen turn of events, we have no expectation of closing the complex and we are looking forward to welcoming booked guests over the coming months.

I have also had several anglers express frustration and concerns about not being able to bring a sack or two of pellets with them. Indeed my temporary ban on pellets was designed to ensure this did not happen and we could more accurately monitor what is going into the lakes! However recognising the feedback, we are going to move to a position from Friday where the total ban on pellets is lifted in favour of a position, where for the foreseeable future, the only pellets allowed are sourced from ourselves. This is not intended to be a money spinner for us, but it does enable us to strike a sensible balance between managing the level of bait/feed used and strict bans. I hope the impacted guests understand and are supportive.

The Carp, who by and large seemed to enjoy the heat, judging by the amount of 'cruising' and 'sun-bathing' going on. The fish across the complex are fizzing and bubbling like mad which suggests to me they are feeding on the bottom as the heat and air pressure had dropped. Despite the temperatures and low water levels, we are down about 2 feet on normal, the fishing has been holding up pretty well. Not prolific but anglers are getting a few chances.

Kevin Lane with a 27-12 Cherry Springs Mirror
Kevin Lane with a 27-12 Cherry Springs Mirror

Cherry Springs had a week off last week. Just as well as the lake was covered with a horrible layer of scummy algae. This I now think is largely dying algae and is supposedly harmless to people and fish. Last week Dave and I installed a couple more aerators including a big splash aerator (looks like a fountain). these have done the trick in pushing the scum/algae to the sides and the lake looks like it old self.

Regulars Kevin and Janet lane have started their holiday well on Cherry Springs. Yesterday this fantastic Crucian Carp, pictured in the lead photo above, picked up Kevin's float fished hook bait. This beautiful Crucian, which looked as 'yellowy' in the flesh as suggested by the picture, sets a new lake record for Cherry Springs. Coming on the back of a 7lb Tench (caught whilst I was away), it just shows that the other species in Cherry Springs are well worth fishing for and it is not just about the Carp. This morning Kevin caught this 27-12 Mirror pictured immediately above.................so perhaps it is!

Oliver Wells with a 32-08 Common caught from Osprey Lodge
Oliver Wells with a 32-08 Common caught from Osprey Lodge

All the anglers on Cherry Lake this last weekend (the heat started to break down on Sunday evening), all had chances with most anglers landing a Carp or two. I was standing with Oliver Wells early on Monday, when his bait positioned in the near side gulley got picked up. the resulting run was a real one-toner. After a brief tussle, yours truly did the honours, and this stunning 32-04 Common, pictured above, was safely in the net. A good reward for persevering with the heat.

Regular Neil Ash was top rod on Cherry Lake this weekend when he landed 4 Carp from Grebe Lodge. Whilst not the biggest Carp of the weekend, I thought this one won the 'beauty competition'. What do you think?

Neil Ash with a real stunner. A 26-08 Mirror from Grebe Lodge
Neil Ash with a real stunner. A 26-08 Mirror from Grebe Lodge

James Hanson stayed in the Cottage with his family last week. He managed three Carp during the time he was able to fish, including two PB's. The first weighed 31-08. He extended his PB further on Sunday morning when he landed this 32-08 Common.

It is not unusual, particularly in the period of a month or two after spawning, for the bigger Carp to almost disappear. When they do get caught, more often than not it is from the Cottage. James certainly experienced this over the last week.

Well done to all the anglers mentioned here and to all our booked guest over the last few weeks who have worked with us through this difficult period.

Bring on the rain (and the wind)!

James Hanson with his second PB. a dark Common of 32-08 from Cherry Lake Cottage
James Hanson with his second PB. a dark Common of 32-08 from Cherry Lake Cottage
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