Perry Walton. 37-00 L

New Cherry Springs record: 37lb Mirror

'Thelma' was one of 3 thirties in one day from Cherry Springs
Friday 21 April 2023

It is great to open this update by talking about Cherry Springs. Cherry Springs is the biggest of our exclusive lakes and has over the last year or two proved to be moodier that it's stock levels would suggest. This week it came good, big time, for Perry Walton.

Perry has been staying in Kingfisher Lodge and up to the time of writing (Thursday pm) he has landed 9 Carp. Wednesday was the real red letter day for Perry when he landed 5 Carp including 3 thirties. The first time any angler has had 3 thirties from this lake in one session let alone one day!

Perry Walton. 31-08
Perry Walton kicked off an amazing day with this impressive Cherry Springs Mirror of 31-08.

Perry's first Carp was the 31-08 Mirror pictured above and was a real stunner. He followed this up later with this 30-04 Common pictured below. Fishery manager Dave was on hand to do the honours with the netting and weighing. Both Carp beating his previous PB. Wafters fished over pellets being the successful tactic for Perry.

Perry then went even better at lunchtime when he landed the biggest Carp in the lake, which was weighed by fishery manager Dave at 37lb. She looked absolutely fantastic as you can see in the lead photo above. I am not sure if you can see them, but she had some delightful small starburst scales on both flanks. Perry unfortunately lost his Nan Thelma recently, to whom he was very close. He asked if he could have the honour of naming this Carp 'Thelma', and as he had set the new lake record, we agreed.

Perry was visiting as part of his Father in law's party. I am glad to report that Brian Trundle also did well on Cherry Mere with Carp to 27lb plus, with all anglers catching.

Perry Walton. 30-04 L
Perry Walton with a delightful Cherry Springs Common of 30-04. the second of three thirties in one day!

Wednesday was also a good day on Cherry Lake, and especially for David Hobbs who was fishing from Heron Lodge. David was on his third visit to Cherry Lake having blanked on the two previous occasions. David 'broke his duck' on Tuesday night when he landed a Common of 27lb. Once 'the dam had been breached' he went on to catch two personal bests on Wednesday.

His first thirty was a 31-08 Common which was weighed and photographed by yours truly. Small baits presented most of the way across did the trick despite the cold Easterly wind.

Mid-afternoon the angler in the Cottage swim mentioned to me that David was 'in again'. This time it was a real chunky Mirror of 39lb. The size and impressiveness of this Carp does not come across in the photo because David struggled to hold it up fully, but take it from me that 'it was all there'! This particular Carp appeared in my 2022 catalogue having been caught by Wayne Chowner last April at a similar weight of 38-04.

The running total for the number of different 30's caught this year now stands at 28.

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David Hobbs. 39lb L
David Hobbs with the second PB in one day. A 39lb Mirror from Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake.
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