New Cherry Springs video

Friday 21 July 2017

Our good friends Paul and Carol-Jane Jennings have recently been to stay in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Lakes. They did not have a rest whilst they fished, instead they made a new video (the last one was of Cherry Mere, see the website page if you want to view it). This time they made a video about Cherry Springs and Kingfisher Lodge.

I will confess to being very pleased with the video which I think is even better than the last one. The video seeks to talk about the lake, the fishing as well as Kingfisher Lodge. The only down-size is too much of my voice and ‘excessive man-spread’! You can also see that I was ably assisted by our two dogs  Darwin and Preston. I mention this just in case there is any confusion about our no Pets policy, which is still in-force!

If you are interested in viewing the video again, it can be found on the Cherry Springs page under the Fishing Tab of this website, or on our videos page, which can be found at the following link:

Jon Marriott has been fishing on Cherry Springs since Monday, and with the weather changing he has been having a great time. On Tuesday alone Jon caught 12 Carp including this good looking Mirror of 24-01 below. It is good to see Cherry Springs fishing even better than indicated on the video this week!

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