New Electric Charging point installed

Late booking deals for anglers visiting Cherry Lake over the next couple of weeks
Saturday 11 February 2023

The last couple of weeks on Cherry Lake have been very tough for the couple of anglers who have 'chanced their arm', with only a couple of Carp to 28lb to report. A real contrast to the first few weeks of January when we had six different 30's caught to 38lb, plus these two 40lb+ Commons caught by Neil Ash and Cameron Brannaghan pictured below.

I have been very relaxed about how quiet we have been for bookings through this period, partially because I hate seeing anglers struggle (and the winter conditions recently have been tough) and partially because we have been completing our last major development project of the winter (see last update on the installation of Solar Panels to help make Cherry Lakes Carbon neutral).

However with all our work now finished, and the short and long range weather forecasts looking good, I am now distressed to see that we have no bookings for Cherry Lake from 17 February to 03 March.

Cameron Branaghan. 41-00 L
Cameron Brannaghan with the biggest of 2023 so far. A 41lb Cherry Lake Carp

With the second half of February often being a good time to catch Carp from Cherry Lakes (see previous year's postings about Charlie England's captures in February), we have decided to incentivise late bookings for this period with some big late deal offers. This is not something we have publicly done before, but with so many vacancies at a time when I am unable to get my rods out, we thought we would give this a go to encourage anglers to visit.

So if you fancy a late break and a good deal, as well as the chance to catch a Cherry Lake monster, then please call me on 01285 869887

Neil Ash. 40-04 R
Neil Ash caught this stunning 40-04 Common in January 23. The second 40lb+ Common of the year so far.

As you can guess from the lead photo above, we have invested in installing an electric charging point, which is located at the 'bin' end of the main Cherry Lake car park.

This is the equivalent of a normal house charger (up to 8 hours for a full charge for most vehicles). Whilst we have not to date had many guests ask about Electric car charging, it is inevitable that more guests will want to be able to charge their cars in the future.

We will be running a booking system for the use of the EV charger. This is to ensure any guest who wants to recharge their car can do with confidence during their stay. Guests will be able to book a daily charging period of 09.00-17.00 . We will be charging to use this service. based on current electric prices this is likely to be £45 per daily charging period.

The new Cherry Lakes Electric Charger
The new Cherry Lakes Electric Charger
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