Oliver Wells. 37-08 L

Oliver Wells lands 4 x 30lb+ Cherry Lake Commons in a row

Ian Robert’s 31lb Common is the biggest of the year from Cherry Springs.
Friday 15 March 2024

We have some good fish caught recently and this week has been no exception. The biggest of the week has been this 37-08 Common to Oliver Wells which I will return to below.

Ian Roberts and his partner Samantha visited Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs for the first time this week. Whilst Ian did not catch many, he did land the biggest Carp of the year so far from Cherry Springs when he landed this 31lb Common below. Fishery manager Dave who was on hand to land and weigh the fish was very excited when he phoned me. As you can see below it is a bit of a beast with plenty of room for growth.

Ian Roberts. 31-00 L
Ian and Samantha with Cherry Springs first 30+ Carp of the year. A Common of 31lb.

Shane Smith is one of our ‘regulars’ and for his last trip he fished from Pochard Lodge along with his friend Paul Cummings. In difficult conditions with a cold Easterly wind all week they did well to land 7 Carp between them including a 28-04 Mirror to Paul and this very attractive 22-06 Mirror to Shane pictured below.

Shane Smith. 22-06
Shane Smith with a very attractive 22-06 Mirror from Cherry Mere.

Colin Goff and Mark Sullivan followed Shane and Paul into Pochard Lodge this week. Rather cunningly they split their time between fishing at Cherry Lakes and visiting the Cheltenham race meeting (we are only 15 miles from Cheltenham and we don’t put our prices up for the Cheltenham Horse race meeting!). Generally fishing was slow when they were here, but they did manage a couple of twenties including this 24-06 Common to Colin..

Colin Goff with a 23-06 Cherry Mere Commom

I mentioned in my last update on Monday that Oliver Wells was doing well (excuse the pun!) in Osprey Lodge having landed 6 Carp to 31-08. Whilst Andy Watts in Heron had been getting the bigger Carp, if he (Oliver) kept catching then I am sure the bigger Carp would venture into his landing net.

Since Monday Oliver’s catch rate has slowed down, he has had 3 Carp, but they were all thirties. The biggest a 37-08 Common is pictured in the lead photo above. He also had a 35-08 Common pictured below along with a Common of 31-07. Together with the 31-08 Common (different fish) reported in the last update, Oliver has landed 4 x 30lb+ Commons in a row. Quite remarkable given the 30lb Mirrors roughly outnumber the 30+ Commons by 2:1.

The efforts of Andy Watts and Oliver Wells have accelerated the contents of my 2024 catalogues, which show that we have now recorded 20 different Carp over 30lbs+ and 4 over 40lb+ so far this year.

We continue to have plenty of vacancies for early April just after Easter. A great time to be here.

Well done to all the anglers featured above.

Oliver Wells with a 35-08 Common. His fourth 30+ Common in a row!
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