Oliver Wells lands another 35lb+ Common

Cherry Lake Carp are yet to spawn
Monday 14 June 2021

I have been wilting in the heat over the last few days, not helped by the fact that I keep walking around Cherry Lake to see signs of spawning Carp to no avail. So as I keep being asked about spawning, I will start here.

I know I have written before about not understanding the triggers for Carp spawning. It appears that temperature is the key factor which I understand. With the water temperature at 22C in the shade, it has been warm enough, for long enough, over the last few days, but there are few signs that the Carp are preparing to spawn. With the weather breaking Wednesday night, I really hope they get on with it. I do sense that the bigger older Carp need longer to perhaps develop and ripen their eggs, and this is why they did not 'do the business' about 10 days ago. But I don't get why they are not spawning now?

Regular readers of these posts might recollect that I did feel that not all the Carp spawned last year despite the hot spring. Fortunately. as far as I know, we did not have any casualties of obviously spawn bound Carp over the last year. I would not want to risk another year of not spawning. The other hypothesis though could be that the 'older big girls' are less brazen and are quieter about their business and we missed them? Time will tell.

As far as I can tell, the Carp on the smaller lakes have largely finished spawning, which if correct is good news.

Oliver Wells with a 35-12 Common.
Oliver Wells with a 35-12 Common.

Over the last ten days since my last update, the fishing has slowed up a little. A combination of high pressure and sunny days, and the Carp preparing for, actually spawning and then recovering.

We have however had some good fish caught including three 30's from Cherry Lake and our 5th different thirty of the year from Cherry Mere.

The biggest Carp of this period fell to Oliver Wells who spent last week in Osprey Lodge. From memory, he did very well to land 5 Carp including this Common above of 35-12. Oliver is getting a knack of landing big Commons from Cherry Lake. On his last visit in April, he landed the 'Scuff' Common at 42-04. A nice habit to get! Most of Oliver's Carp came from within 20 yards of the Lodge with our Bio-Spice boilies and matching Toppers doing the business.

Chris Pollock with a 32-04 Common from Osprey Lodge
Chris Pollock with a 32-04 Common from Osprey Lodge

Chris Pollock started a week long holiday with us last Friday, and despite the sunny conditions has done well to land 3 Carp already from Osprey Lodge. His 32-04 Common is the latest addition to my 2021 30's catalogue. I have included two shots of this Carp. the one above is the more classic close up pose, with the lead photo above being more atmospheric (in my layman terms and not being a good photographer). I like the shot because it captures the beauty of the background including the Yellow-flagged Irises. Chris became the 221st member of the 30+ club when he caught this lovely Common. He also set a new PB Common for himself.

Regular Andy Watts also managed a few (I think 6 Carp, but would not swear to it) from Heron Lodge including 'Pac man' at 33lb. Similarly Matthew Blinston returned with his family to Cherry Lake Cottage. After a frustrating few days Matthew landed 3 Carp including the prettiest one of the week, this 21-08 Ghost Common below. This particular Carp appears to have some Koi heritage as it looks gold in places.

Matthew Blinston with the prettiest Carp of the week. A 21-08 Ghost Common Carp.
Matthew Blinston with the prettiest Carp of the week. A 21-08 Ghost Common Carp.

The Bourne family visited Cherry Lakes for the first time last week when they stayed in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. they have already booked to return next year. Not surprising given that Robert Bourne smashed his PB, when he landed this 31-08 Mirror below to become the 220th club member.. The fifth different Carp over 30lb from Cherry Mere this year. Amazing for such a small heavily stocked lake.

Well done Robert and to all the anglers above.

Robert Bourne 32lb.jpeg
Robert Bourne with a 31-08 Mirror Carp from Cherry Mere
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