Oscar outpaces Dad Steve on Cherry Mere!

Thursday 27 August 2015

Oscar Taylor and his Dad Steve have been on their second visit to Cherry Lakes this week. Oscar who is the Cherry Springs lake record holder with the 26-08 PB Carp caught last year, wanted to try another lake this time, so Steve booked them into our new Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere.

To date they have landed 13 Carp between 19-08 and 10lb and lost 5 good ones. Most of these seem to have been caught by Oscar because he seems to get to the rods quicker than Steve!  Steve being the good Dad seems quite relaxed about this (I am not sure I was so generous when I fished with my teenage son!). Both Steve and Oscar have one 19lb+ each with fingers crossed for one of the twenties tonight. Well done Oscar and Steve on another successful trip.

I have picked a couple of the better shots for the pictures below. Both Carp are thirteen pounders. They have also caught a good few of the smaller Carp which have bed in the lake. Whilst these Carp are good fun on a float road, they can be a bit of a pain when Carp fishing normally. Whilst we are trying to remove these Carp as quickly as we can, we are now encouraging anglers to use bigger boilies. We will be  feeding from next week 22mm boilies into Cherry Mere in the hope these will frustrate the smaller Carp. I suspect this will work and be selective particularly if fished with semi-fixed heavy leads.

Cherry Lake has been quiet this week and the Cottage has been occupied by non-fishing guests. So far only three Carp to 24-08 (Mirror) have been landed.

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