Party time at Cherry Lakes…sorry not for the anglers!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Firstly, an apology for being a little slow in this latest update. This is principally because I have been pre-occupied with the build up to, and clear up since, our 30th Anniversary party on Saturday. It was certainly a good and memorable bash!

Over the last week, the Carp across all the lakes have been very visible but have been proving to be somewhat harder to catch than normal. This has been frustrating for all, particularly given the conditions which normally I would have said have been good. The Carp that have been landed have all been in excellent condition.

I think the Carp on Cherry Lake are still in that late summer ‘mood’ where they are a bit finicky. They have not yet got the ‘urge’ to go on the feed as they prepare for winter. I am sure the Carp will kick into ‘feeding gear’ over the next couple of weeks. Right now  I suspect they want something different and maybe a bit fed up with boilies and pop-ups at present (i would say 95% anglers fish exclusively with these baits).

Here are several ideas about how you could be different. The Carp in Cherry Lake love pellets and yet I never see anyone fishing with artificial pellets over a bed of our fast dissolve pellets (which they are used to). Alternatively, we have been feeding our Spod Mix for two years containing a good level of Maples. Despite Maples being a great bait, I have never seen anyone trying Maples? Why not try a bed of small boilies. Anglers do bring small baits in the winter but why not in the warmer months?

Top rod last week on Cherry Lake with just two Carp was Brian Keene fishing in Osprey Lodge. He fished for three days before he caught two lovely Mirror Carp in short succession when the Carp obviously switched on for a short period. The biggest of these was the Carp we know as ‘Big Dave’ at 25-08. This fish is some 3lb up on it’s weight last November.  The night photo does not really do this fish justice which evidently was in mint condition. His other fish was a ‘Starburst Mirror’. I cannot remember the weight of this Carp, which I suspect was around 20lb.

The fishing was also slow this weekend on Cherry Lake (the rest of the fishery was closed for the party), with just Russell Brown in Osprey Lodge landing a 23lb Mirror.

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