Paul Jennings sets new Cherry Springs best for 2017 with a 24-09 Mirror

Thursday 20 April 2017

The fishing this week slowed up a little with the high pressure and cold nights putting the Carp off. We have also been quiet, with only two anglers fishing on Cherry Lake.

Les Spiers has been fishing in the Cottage swim and has worked very hard. Plenty of Carp could be seen sunning themselves but other than one missed take the first 72 hours produced very little. Although the pressure did not drop much today, a weather front passing through made all the difference. It was fascinating to watch the Carp fizzing and bubbling all over the lake and all over Les’s baits! A switch to Sweetcorn from his Cell boilies did the trick and in quick succession he landed a 19lb Common followed by another Common just short of the magic 30lb mark at 29-12. Needless to say, Les now has a big smile on his face!

Paul Jennings has been staying in Pochard Lodge this week with his wife Carol-Jane. To date Paul has landed eight Carp including three twenties. His first twenty is shown in the delightful self remote shot with Carol-Jane and a 20-12 Mirror below. He has also landed the biggest carp to be reported from Cherry Mere this year, a cracking Mirror of 24-09.

We have unusually had cancellations for Pochard Lodge for next week from Monday 24 to Friday 28th April and also for Egret Lodge for 01-05 May. Given how booked up these Lodges are for the summer, if you fancy a last minute break at a good price then please give us a call on 01285 869887.

We have also had a cancellation for Grebe Lodge for 05-09 and 09-12 May. As regular readers know we always try to resell bookings to at least refund some of the cost of the holiday already paid. Again if you fancy a crack at Grebe Lodge in May call us on 01285 869887

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