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Paul Mitchell does it again....three more 30's

Running total of different 30's from Cherry Lake in 2019 is now 32
Sunday 4 August 2019

I have been away for several weeks and have been remiss in producing my normal frequency of updates. So much so, some of my regular readers have politely complained. I am pleased by these 'complaints' because it shows that at least a few people are reading them!

I will focus this update on Cherry Lakes and look to produce an update on the other lakes, which have been fishing well, over the next day or so.

Cherry Lake record holder Paul Mitchell (who caught 'Dick' at 44lb last October) has been on another visit to Cherry Lake and split his time between Grebe Lodge and Cherry Lake Cottage. He has had a great stay landing 16 Carp in total, including three over 30lb+. He landed 6 from Grebe Lodge over a weekend including a Mirror of 32-08, before switching to our Fish Supreme Boilies when he moved into the Cottage and caught a further 10 Carp including a Common of 32-04 (pictured below) and a Mirror of 30-04 (main picture above). You won't be too surprised to hear that Paul and his wife Wendy have already booked some dates in for 2020! Well done Paul. Great angling and amazing consistency.

Paul Mitchell with a 32-04 Common from the Cottage swim. The second of three thirties!
Paul Mitchell with a 32-04 Common from the Cottage swim. The second of three thirties!

Jack Gardiner is another regular guest at Cherry Lakes. His first 5 visits have been to Cherry Springs and Cherry Mere where he has always done well. This time he decided to have a crack at Cherry Lake when he selected Heron Lodge, saying that he was interested in quality (size) rather than quantity! He joined an elite club of anglers who have caught a 30+ Carp on their first visit to Cherry Lake when he landed the second of the two Carp caught over his weekend stay....a lovely Mirror of 32-08. He was delighted as this was a new PB for him as well as becoming the 136th member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club.

We were both delighted for him as well as ourselves because this Carp was the 32nd different Carp over 30lb caught from Cherry Lake in 2019. As I have said before, my feeling is that we have at least 40 Carp above this weight (30lb+). It will be interesting to see how close to this number we will be at the end of the year. Well done Jack.

Jack Gardiner 32-08
Jack Gardiner with his new PB from Heron Lodge. A 32-08 Mirror.

There have been many other good Carp caught from Cherry Lake. The one which caught my eye, and I cannot resist including here, was caught by Dan Williamson (on his first visit to Cherry Lake). A beautiful Mirror of 28-08. Nice one Dan!

Dan Williamson with a very attractive  28-08 Mirror Carp
Dan Williamson with a lovely Mirror Carp of 28-08
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