Paul Mitchell joins the 30+ club

Monday 10 July 2017

Paul Mitchell who is staying in Cherry Lake Cottage and on his first visit to Cherry Lakes this week has just smashed his PB with a 31-04 Cherry Lake Mirror Carp. To say he is ‘over the moon’ would be the under-statement of the year! He has also landed another Mirror of 17-04. He is also pleased with his new 30+ club polo shirt as he has become the newest member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club.

Paul has been fishing for short spells and in between resting the swim. An approach which often works in the Cottage swim. The Carp often drift into the area when it is quiet given the lines in the water in front of the Lodges.

Paul has been using the new Cherry Lakes Mixed-Fruit Delight boilies which are working well. The bigger Carp came from underneath the far trees in 4 feet of water. Paul made good use of his hired Bait Boat with it’s depth finder (echo sounder) to get the precise position he wanted and within 90 minutes he was into the big Mirror.

This particular Carp is clearly hungry, as it was caught last week by Tommy Goodwin at 30-12. I hope she keeps on feeding and continues to put on weight and avoids capture for a few months as I do not like to see Carp being caught too often.

Phil Philpott on the other hand is a regular and is staying in Grebe Lodge enjoying some R&R as well as fishing. He has landed two Carp so far including this classically scaled Mirror of 22-04 below. Phil has also had a third Carp, significantly bigger than the the fish photographed below, in his landing net. He is not sure how, or why, but he was slow in picking up the landing net, resulting in the Carp both swimming out of the net and depositing the hook! Phil who is not yet a member of the 30+ club can best be described as being ‘as sick as a Parrot’ and does not want to talk about it!!

The smaller lakes across the complex have been a little slower than normal this weekend which is not surprising given the hotter than forecast weather. Andrew Wells, another regular on a repeat visit to Cherry Pool fishing from Egret Lodge had the best catch. He landed 15 Carp to 15lb. Baiting heavily with pellets and fishing boilies over the top, meant that he comfortably ‘out-fished’ his friend Paul Braddock. Paul will probably bait more heavily next time!

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