Peter Webster’s new PB

Sunday 24 September 2017

Cherry Lake has proved to be a little tricky over the last week. Some cold nights have really knocked the water temperature and the Carp have definitely slowed down on the the pace of their feeding. Judging from the fact that all anglers have today (Sunday) either caught or lost fish, then it looks like the fishing is picking up again.

Peter Webster has been on his first visit to Cherry Lakes and was staying in Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake. Unfortunately for him, his week’s holiday coincided exactly with the slowdown. Peter however has been a real gentleman all week. He has kept his spirits up all week and been positive despite the fact that for the first 6 days/nights he barely had a bleep. Peter never gave up and was always keen to listen to any tips. I think it was a toss up today as to who was the most delighted today, him or me,  when I heard he had finally got a run and landed a lovely 21lb Common.

Peter caught his new PB, on a washed out Cherry Lake Fish Supreme boilie fishing to a small plateau about 30 yards out. He had been steadily feeding these boilies all week. My feeling had been that the Carp were no doubt picking these boilies up, but not necessarily straight away. The majority of the feed boilies being ‘washed out’ when the Carp were picking them up. Hence Peter did the right thing to use a bait some 36 hours old. His boilie looked just like all the others!

John Little stayed last week in Grebe Lodge with his lovely wife Dawn. John was last week’s top rod and landed 4 Carp to 29-08 as well as losing a ‘real big one’ at the net. The 29-08 Common, similar to most of John’s Carp came during the night and was caught on a small wafter fishing over pellet and broken boilies.

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