Adam Prest 29-13

Prest family have a great time on Cherry Mere

85 year old Grandad Peter lands his new PB. A 28-13 Mirror
Tuesday 15 August 2023

Three generations of the Prest family returned to Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere last weekend. I will leave it to Adam Prest to give you all the details (which he kindly sent me in an e mail.)...............

''Thank you once again for a lovely stay at Cherry Lakes. As always, beautiful accommodation, surroundings and fish.

Three generations of our family visited Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere this weekend - Grandad Peter, Dad Paul and Grandson Adam. This is the third time we have visited Cherry Lakes together and the second time on Cherry Mere. With a total of 22 fish (5 20+ and 9 doubles) this was our most successful visit to date.

Most of the action came during the day, with a mixture of different snowman and topper presentations doing the trick. As is customary on our trip, awards go to top rod and biggest fish (small change really) with Grandad Peter taking ‘top rod’ with 10 fish and Grandson Adam landing biggest fish, a Common at 29lb13oz. (See the lead photo above where Adam is leading in a great family photo).

Peter Prest with a beautiful Ghost Common, his new PB, at 25-13.
Peter Prest with a beautiful Ghost Common, his new PB, at 25-13.

However, the best prize of all, to me, was seeing both Dad and Grandad both beat their PBs at 25lb13oz (a beautiful Ghost Common pictured above) and 28lb13oz respectively. Dad secured his PB with an exciting battle and was thoroughly chuffed with his catch and will certainly be targeting a 30 on his next visit.

Grandad Peter Claus with his new PB. A 28-13 Mirror.
Grandad Peter Claus with his new PB. A 28-13 Mirror.

Grandad Peter - at 85 years of age may I add - dramatically secured his new PB(s) in the very last hour of the holiday before winding in for going home. Grandson Adam, after his own 25lb catch at 5am, stayed up and spotted a number of fish feeding on two spots in the middle and decided he would place Grandad's rods on them for his couple of hours in the hope that he could snare a 20+ for him. With an hour remaining, his first rod ripped off and Grandad landed a new PB of 28lb 1oz - he was absolutely made up! But the dramatic finish had only just begun; within half an hour, and mid-celebration, the other rod that had been placed on the other spot, tore off and grandad had gone and done it again - a 28lb13oz PB. How’s that for luck? And with that and home time approaching, the rods were wound in and another fabulous trip was brought to a close.

Memories made and new PBs set in a wonderful setting that is Cherry Lakes.''

Great result and a lovely write up. Thanks Adam and well done to all.

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