Samuel Poole lands a 30lb Ghost Common from Cherry Mere

He smashes his PB with this fantastic fish.
Saturday 18 February 2023

Samuel Poole took advantage of his half-term break to visit Cherry Lakes with his Dad Adam and Mum Emma, when they stayed in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere last week.

The whole family were delighted when on Thursday morning, Samuel caught the big Ghost Common which was weighed by fishery manager Dave at 30-00. No wonder what a fish! Absolutely stunning. Our smiles were almost as big as Samuel's!

Apologies but in the excitement, I forgot to ask for the details about their other catches or the bait they used! We did however remember his 30+ Polo shirt!

Samuel Poole with a fantastic 30lb Ghost Common
Samuel Poole was obviously delighted with this 30lb Ghost Common caught from Cherry Mere this week.

Given we have had 5 x 30lb+ Carp caught from Cherry Lake this week (see Lee Pearce in my last post which included a 40-06 Ghost Mirror) plus Samuel's big Ghostie, it seems again that it is often the bigger Carp which get on the feed first after a cold weather shutdown.

Well done Samuel. Congratulations on your new PB.

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