Simon Davis is the tenth angler to land a Cherry Lake 30+ in 2016

Wednesday 29 June 2016

I will confess to be struggling to keep up with my normal level of reports. For a variety of reasons I have been away from Cherry Lakes for the last two weeks. I will confess that I am really missing the place.

I know from fishery manager Dave that the Carp have spawned again on Cherry Lake (and we hope this is now finished for this year) and some good fish have been coming out from all of the lakes. I cannot however remember the details. Another sign of ageing!

I did however get the photo below from Simon Davis who fished in Heron Lodge last week. Simon became the latest member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club ( I must count up, but I think this takes the membership to just over 50 different anglers who have  caught a Cherry Lake 30lb+ Carp) and the tenth different angler to do so in 2016.

Simon’s 32-10 Common is the Carp which we call ‘The Patch’ due to a distinctive mark on its flank which you can clearly see in the photo below. Apologies but this is the only photo that i have, but I thought you would want to see it.

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