Simon Jones lands 18 Carp on floaters from Cherry Pool.

Sunday 3 June 2018

A steamy weekend at Cherry Lakes with the Carp very much in evidence as they have cruised round each of the lakes. I have lost count of the number of backs and dorsal fins out of the water. Sometimes I think this is the Carp equivalent of ‘the finger!’.

Peter Jones from The Tackle Box has been top rod with 4 this weekend with a 22 and 23lb being the biggest. Good going given the conditions. It is very clear on Cherry Lake that the bigger Carp have not yet spawned. For the Carp’s sake I hope this week’s settled weather and the current water temperatures is enough to get them going and finished.

Andrew Watts has been on his first visit to Cherry Lake this weekend and has been staying in Heron Lodge. He told me on arrival that he has a track record of catching a big fish on his first visit to a lake. True to his word, I got a call around 10pm on Saturday night. Andrew had landed a Mirror Carp of 32-04, see picture below. He caught this on a snowman comprising of the Cherry Lakes Supreme Fish boilies. In doing so Andrew becomes the 91st member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club and is now the proud owner of a 30+ club polo shirt.

This Carp brings the running total for 2018 of 11 different correctly weighed and photographed 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Lake.

Rob Allen has also been on his first visit to Cherry Lake and he has been very flattering with some of his positive comments to me. He was delighted earlier today to land his first Cherry Lake Carp, a beautiful Fully Scaled Mirror of 27lb. I have to say the Carp looked even better in the flesh than the photo suggests.

Simon Jones fished in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool this weekend. Unlike the other lakes across the complex, the Cherry Pool Carp do take baits off of the surface. He steadily fed with small floating trout pellets throughout the weekend and certainly got the Carp (and sea gull!) going! On Saturday he landed 18 Carp from the surface including an old classic looking Carp of 18lb pictured below. Simon thoroughly enjoyed his stay fishing and catching Carp in this way. In fact his short text summed it up….’I like Egret’.

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