Some holiday ‘beauties’!

Monday 6 July 2015

Both Cherry Lake and Cherry springs have continued to fish well with all anglers reporting Carp caught. This weekend the Carp caught have been more memorable for how they look rather than how heavy they are.

Here at Cherry Lakes we work very hard to keep our Carp in the best possible condition. The key to this is good fish handling as well as keeping them well fed. this is why we insist on the fish care and safety rules being strictly followed including the use of the Carp cradles. Given we are a commercial fishery, and many of the Carp are caught several times in a season, we are always very pleased when our guests comment on how good the Carp look and that they are in good condition. This weekend is a good example of this.

Garry Hall, a returning guest fishing in the Cottage, landed a cracking 22-12 ‘Leney’ style Mirror. This particular Carp, I can confirm,  looked even better in the ‘flesh’. It made a nice change to be standing in the swim talking to Garry when the rod sprung into action!

Michael Bloss fished alongside his father John, who was celebrating his 60th birthday, in Heron Lodge. By Saturday night, Michael was 3-0 up on his Dad and was particularly pleased with this heavily scaled Mirror below. I distinctly remember John pointing out that there was a long way to go when I said to him that he was being ‘whooped’. Well John was right, because by  Monday morning the score had been pegged back to 3-3! Michael was being very reasonable when he said it was ‘a fair result’ as he lost a big Mirror near to the net. We look forward to welcoming them back for the ‘re-match’.

Stephen Bell, another returning guest, fished on Cherry Spring and thoroughly enjoyed himself. The biggest of his Carp was this very attractive 18-07 Mirror below.  I have tried to find this Carp in our photo library and have not been able to do so. It is not in there and I do not recognise this fish. It may even have been ‘born’ in the lake! As you can imagine I was very pleased to see this Carp and how well she is doing.

Talking of ‘being born’, we currently have a lot of small Carp in Cherry Mere. These Carp probably came from Cherry Spring last year when the new Cherry Mere was filled up. The warm summer last year, the absence of predators such as Perch, and a plentiful supply of food has meant a very high survival rate. These Carp are good fun to catch and are perfect minatures! So we have been busy building an over sized pond, so that we can pick out 50 or so of the best of these to ‘hand rear’ over the next couple of years before stocking into Cherry Lake. it would be great to rear our own carp and future generations of thirties. When you turn 50, it is amazing what gets you excited!

Finally, we have just one Lodge left at a weekend on Cherry lake between now and the 18th September, and that’s Grebe Lodge for this weekend coming (10-13 July). We are offering a one off very late booking deal for this Lodge of £395. First come First seved. Call 07545 495881 if you fancy it.

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