Adrian Bates with his new PB. A 26-13 Mirror from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs

Some lovely Carp and several PB's

Adrian Bates 26-13 from Cherry Springs is the biggest of the weekend.
Monday 7 October 2019

A very slow few days on Cherry Lake which has had me and several regular guests pulling their 'hair out'. The Carp have been showing themselves as well as obviously feeding around the lake, but they have not made any mistakes. The only Carp came to Paul Mitchell, an 11lb home grown 'baby'. Even Paul who had started his trip fast with 4 Carp in 48hours (see last update for a picture of Paul with 'Apple Slice' at 34-08), and always does well, struggled. It may be that the Carp were feeding on naturals and/or washed out bait/pellets and ignoring pop-ups and fresh boilies? It might also be due to a few cold nights and some light air-frost?

The other lakes have fished well with the new guests on all three of them being very happy and promising to re-book as they left this morning. Mark Hayes who fished Cherry Pool was so delighted with his first trip, where he caught 30+ Carp to just over 20lb, says he will be upgrading to a full week!

We have the following available following cancellations:-

Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake for Monday 28-01 November

Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake for Monday 04-08 November

Please call 01285 869887 if you are interested in any of these late booking opportunities.

Adrian and Lorraine Bates stayed in Kingfisher Lodge this weekend for their first visit to Cherry Lakes. Adrian caught his new PB, a lovely 26-13 Mirror which is pictured in the lead photo above. During the course of his stay Adrian landed 4 Carp and lost a similar number. Next time he says he is going to us 'sharp hooks'! Lorraine's comments in the book summed up their feelings

'First time at Cherry Lakes and it exceeded all of our expectations. Kingfisher Lodge and its setting was absolutely perferct for a relaxing time. We loved it so much we paid our deposit for our next visit before leaving'.
John Mason with his PB, an impressive Ghost Common of 22lb from Cherry Mere

The last couple of guests in Pochard Lodge have also enjoyed their stay on Cherry Mere. The Mason family were real stars last week. Like all business, and despite our best efforts, we do run into operational issues. The Mason's were particularly unlucky as they got two during their stay! First the boiler stopped producing hot water and it took us 36 hours to get the parts to get it fixed. The very next day we had a gas leak, which meant the gas was off for the best part of the day before this was also fixed. The Mason's were lovely about it and were very reasonable and patient (probably much better than I would have been!). They also booked to come back for a week next year! John caught some good Carp, the best of which was a PB, a lovely Ghost Common of 22lb pictured above. Thank you all and see you next year.

Adam Gallagher with a beautiful home grown Mirror of 12lb from Pochard Lodge
Adam Callagher with a beautiful home grown Mirror of 12lb from Pochard Lodge

Adam and Rob Gallagher followed the Mason's into Pochard Lodge this weekend (fortunately with no other major issues!) and thoroughly enjoed themselves. Adam is the Carp angler whilst Rob prefers to float fish. On Saturday, Dad Rob certainly led the way. Fishing with Sweetcorn on the float, cast to the tree to the left of the fishing platform, he landed Carp of 21lb (pictured below) and 18lb. Sometimes they just want something different to boilies. Well done Rob

More traditional Carping tactics came into play on Sunday when it was Adam's turn to catch more than his Dad. I do not normally publish photos of some of the smaller Carp, but I thought Rob's 12lb Mirror was tremendous. See the picture above. Even better because this is a home grown Mirror which has survived and developed nicely in Cherry Mere. He also caught a very pretty 18lb Mirror which looks like it is already in her winter colours. Do they know something about the weather ahead?

Paul O'Regan who joined the Callahger's on their visit also managed to catch a 2lb Crucian also on Sweetcorn. I had said to Paul that sometimes fish had been caught within a couple of feet of the edge of the platform (which stands over 6 feet of water). Well he gave it a go and was pleased with his little surprise (sorry no photo).

Adam Callagher with an 18lb Cherry Mere Mirror....already in her winter colours?
Adam Callagher with an 18lb Cherry Mere Mirror....already in her winter colours?
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