Dalton Stubbs. 36-10 R

Some nice 30’s from Cherry Lake led by PAC- Man!

More PB’s caught!
Sunday 13 August 2023

Having ‘sneaked off’ for a fishing trip of my own, (It really is a busman’s holiday to fish your own lake…..and I would never get any peace!) I have just realised that I forgot to finish my last post! Given my memory I an ‘long on photos’ and short on information. Apologies!

Leading this update is Dalton Stubbs, who fished just over a week ago in the Cottage swim with Conner Gardner who was celebrating his birthday. Both lads did extremely well and reported a grand total of 13 Carp landed and three lost over the course of the long weekend. Dalton managed to be his PB twice as he landed a brace of 36’s. The biggest of which was one of my favourite Carp, ‘PAC-Man’ at 36-10 pictured above

Connor Gardner. 31-04
Connor Gardner with his biggest of his first visit to Cherry Lake Cottage. a 31-04 heavily scaled Mirror

Not to be out-done, Connor also landed his PB, a heavily scaled Mirror of 31-04., pictured above. From memory PVA bags over a good scattering of fishmeal boilies did the trick. Whilst the lads in the Cottage were ‘hauling’, James Cole, who was on his first visit to Cherry Lakes struggled for most of the weekend. Although the Carp were clearly in his swim and active, he simply could not get a pick up. I was delighted to see James break his duck on Monday morning, with this very impressive Linear Mirror of 31-09 pictured below. What a fish to have as a PB!

James Cole. 31-09 L
James Cole with a real beauty. A new PB at 31-09 from Osprey Lodge

I have been meaning to run this picture of Simon Dunn with his new PB, this 38-04 Ghostie, which he caught several weeks ago. The details of which are lost in time! I must do better!

Well done to all the anglers featured here.

Simon Dunn. 38-04 R
Simon Dunn with his 38-04 Ghost Mirror. A new PB.
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