Sorry but Leaders are now banned on Cherry Lake

Friday 8 July 2016

As past guests know we work hard at Cherry Lakes to keep the weed at manageable levels. The Blue dye which we add to the water helps as well as makes Cherry Lake look good. Unlike the other lakes across the Cherry Lakes complex where the stocking density prevents the weed from growing, the weed does grow in Cherry Lake.

We are now approaching the worst time of the year for weed. Where anglers fish sensibly, and in particular ensure their leads drop off on the take (this is easiest with heavy leads), then hooked Carp are very unlikely to be lost. So make sure your lead can drop off! Where they don’t fall off, the lead collects the weed. Because the weight of the weed inevitably means that direct contact with the fish is not possible the barbless hook falls out. Sometimes, normally where the line or leader is in bad condition, the line or leader also breaks.

We are finding too many lengths of broken line and broken leaders. This is not good for the next angler in the swim or the Carp. So in order to prevent any damage to Carp being lost due to line or leader breakage, we are introducing a ban on all leaders until further notice. We are asking you to use tubing (the heavy tungsten tubing is excellent). Please don’t forget to bring some. We hope you understand.

Ben Gibson was visiting Cherry lake for the first time this week along with his wife Lucy and his 6 month old baby son. I am delighted to say that Ben has re-booked again for September (this time just with Lucy). This followed him landing three cracking Carp including new PB Mirror and Ghost Carp.

The biggest of Paul’s three Carp was the 24-09 Mirror below. This particular lady looked very thin and is now on the feed having spawned recently. The highlight of the week was this stunning Ghost Common Carp of 24-05. Ben sent me two photos of this carp, the second as the sun came out. In the bright light this carp looks more like a Koi carp rather than a Ghost Common. I think this is a male fish. Anyhow the fish is about 1lb up on last year and is clearly doing well.

Bernie Watson, who was fishing in the Cottage, landed the biggest of the week, a 27-08 Mirror along with a further fish of just over 23lb.

Stewart Raynor had a great first visit to Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. If my memory serves me right he landed 11 Carp, including PB Mirror of 22-08 and Common carp of 24lb (see last update for a photo). he also landed this beautiful Common at 19-12 below.

Father and son team, John and John Hacker were on their second visit to Kingfisher Lodge. Son John comfortably out-fished his Dad this year and landed 10 carp to just over 20lb. Dad John says he is getting his revenge next year!

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